Designing interdisciplinary value in collaboration with our local and European partners.

Research, conception, co-design and creation are more effective if they involve communities and territories right from the production processes.
Community Engagement
New narratives and experiences of tangible and intangible heritage, enhancing even the most inaccessible places in an innovative way.
Cultural Heritage
Workshops, residencies, courses, are just some of the tools to produce a protagonist and inclusive culture
Orientamento, brainstorming e ottimizzazione del progetto in base agli obiettivi.
Enhancing and disseminating material and intangible heritage in a participative and innovative way, always with a touch of imagination.
Public space is phygital where physical and digital constitute a hybrid dimension in which to have new experiences.
Public Art
The production of both physical and digital participatory art is able not only to beautify sites but also to make people protagonists in the choices concerning the places where they live.
Regeneration of places
Working and training on a sustainable tomorrow means imagining it, focusing on it, giving it shape and life: art has the representative capacity to draw the future.
Creating technologies for cultural experience with a focus on gaming, compatibility and new, increasingly immersive and interactive media.
Technological Development
Even the most hidden places, within walking or cycling distance, hide stories to be told and shared. Audio-visual guides and the emotion of art can reveal what is concealed.
Touristic Tours