An augmented reality path in the wood

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Bepart Vivarium art tour in the woods

A journey through ancient trees, totemic animals, sounds and words, traces, fractals, thresholds. Starting from the village of Campsirago and going up to the hermitage of San Genesio, which overlooks the Brianza area of Lecco, you walk along ancient paths surrounded by greenery: a path in which nine site-specific augmented reality installations intertwine with sound and narrative dramaturgy, along an itinerary built to involve all the senses of the walking public. A hybrid experience, physical and multimedial, in which coexist the world of nature, the mathematics that governs it and the spirits that pervade it. Whether everyone travels alone or with your friends, live the experience in silence, bringing headphones.

Campsirago (LC)

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Collaborated in the realization of VIVARIUM:

Artistic and creative team Alessandro Alliaudi, Luca Maria Baldini, Sofia Bolognini, Stefania Coretti, Alvise Crovato, Diego Dioguardi, Giovanni Franchina, Joris Jaccarino, Lara Mezzapelle, Michele Losi, Nicolas Schiraldi

Scripts Sofia Bolognini and Michele Losi

Sound and musics Diego Dioguardi and Luca Maria Baldini

Illustrations Stefania Coretti 

Photographies Alvise Crovato

Development team: Stefania Solari, Jacopo Iaccarino, Vjola Zaka, Gabriele Castaldo

Models & animation: Francesca Guiotto

Technical art: Alessandro Ramazzina

Made by Campsirago Residenza and Bepart Società Cooperativa Impresa Sociale. With the support of Fondazione Cariplo, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo, Regione Lombardia. With the patronage of Comune di Colle Brianza.