Augmented thermographies on exhibition

1.5° C. This is the threshold within which to limit the increase in global temperature in the near future, established during the work of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023 (also known as COP28, organised in Dubai last winter). It is a challenging and ambitious goal.

As the thermal images in the exhibition show (made with two FLIR ONE thermal cameras by students of the Expanded Cinema course, master’s degree in Scritture e progetti per le arti visive e performative), even common behaviours, small gestures, as well as seemingly harmless actions that we perform in our daily routine, require energy production and have a thermal impact on the planet we inhabit. All this often happens without us being able to realise it with our eyes.

VELORIVELO 1.5 focuses on the limits of optical vision and the ambiguous status of thermal visuality. The exhibited images, devoid of perspective, shadows, details, and with their unnatural colour fields animated through the use of augmented reality, take the perception of reality beyond the visible.

By detecting heat, they also reveal a world that appears otherwise: both in the sense of un-veiling it (what we cannot see of it, such as heat, now becomes finally visible) and re-veiling it (making invisible, on the other hand, everything that is in substantial thermal equilibrium with the environment).

Vincenzo Buccheri Auditorium, Pavia









Next Stop

Let’s go, move on, run: whoever stops is lost. Bring as much energy as possible and make sure you will have some for a while longer. The moment will come when you can get off, rest, and reflect… but not now. Maybe at the next stop.

Luca Bacchella, Enrico Cabua, Pietro Orsi


Warm Break

Behind a simple break at the vending machine that gives us refreshment, hides a significant thermal impact on the environment. This thermography reveals this aspect which we otherwise wouldn’t grasp.

Camilla Chieppi, Sara Silletti, Nicolò Trullu


Cold Cuts

The synesthetic property of thermal camera offers the possibility to unveil aspects that cannot be noticed by optical vision, but at the same time, under certain circumstances, it is capable of hiding and concealing. In this image, the thermal imprint and the device features act as a symbolic tool to evoke considerations about life, death, human impact, objectification of nature and antispeciesism.

Federica Defendenti, Monica Pala, Sofia Pelosi, Alessia Sala


The process

To Retrace backwards to investigate on what led to the final product. Unveil a process that only seeks to increase, exaggerate. Find the origin of that heat that does not give warmth. Believe that it is the only solution. The earth, exhausted, demands the process.

Benedetta Carrara, Maria Kravchenko, Anna Mocchi, Veronika Orlovskaya


The Un-veiled Metamorphosis

Walk, run, wait.

If you look for it, you see it. The world is moving fast while you lag behind…

Martina Norma Corvaia, Eleonora Osnaghi



Velorivelo 1.5: Augmented thermographies on exhibition is a project by the Auditorium of San Tommaso (University of Pavia) and Bepart.

Curated by Lorenzo Donghi, Joris Jaccarino, and Riccardo Menna.

The thermographic works and augmented reality works were created by: Vittoria Acquali, Luca Bacchella, Gaia Barili, Giulia Buttiglieri, Enrico Cabua, Benedetta Carrara, Camilla Chieppi, Martina Norma Corvaia, Federica Defendenti, Maria Kravchenko, Anna Mocchi, Sara Nolli, Eleonora Osnaghi, Pietro Orsi, Veronika Orlovskaya, Monica Pala, Rosa Pascale, Sofia Pelosi, Alessia Sala, Sara Silletti, Nicolò Trullu, Laura Vichi, Sofia Viola.

Exhibition setup: Gaia Barili, Federica Defendenti.

Expanded Cinema course, academic year 2023-24 (2nd year LM Writing and Projects for Visual and Performing Arts)