Funambole che misurano la leggerezza


Workshops in Milan's neighborhood libraries in which graphic novels are transformed through augmented reality

Funambole che misurano la leggerezza‘ is the result of the participatory project “Dal libro alla realtà aumentata” (From the Book to Augmented Reality), in which 91 people aged 6 to 90 took part: 12 workshops in neighborhood libraries in Milan, during which a collection of 12 pages of graphic novels were created that activate further and as many stories in augmented reality, tracing the theme of lightness and creativity in women.


In each workshop, we started with a selection made upstream by Bepart from among the most evocative and meaningful graphic novels, but then the participants themselves have the final say in choosing which illustration to “augment.”


The various options were analyzed from time to time and based on the ideas that emerged within the working group and also on the age of the participants, the cartoon was chosen.


We proceeded with an augmented reality (AR) sense-making phase, where participants hypothesized and wrote down the actions they were going to perform within the vignette. They studied together what kind of interaction there could be with the characters portrayed in the drawing and with what intentions they would act.


After each of the participants decided on his or her role and the actions to be performed, we moved on to the production phase: using the green screen as a background, individual actions were recorded, which were then inserted in post-production (editing) into the illustration and eventually visualized in AR by users with the Bepart application (free download).


Community Engagement


‘Funambole che misurano la leggerezza’

is a project of Bepart and the Milan Library System carried out by director Yuki Bagnardi.


The development of the curatorial idea, as well as a first selection of works to go materially to work on, is the result of the valuable and collaborative discussion with the librarians Notarbartolo and Catiri of the Zara library.


12 workshops entitled “From the Book to Augmented Reality,” held in the Accursio, Affori, Cassina Anna, Dergano, Gallaratese, Harar, Parco Sempione, Quarto Oggiaro, Sant’Ambrogio, Valvassori Peroni, and Zara district libraries.