Ricordi domani?


To travel in time and space, by the meeting between the generations who live in a neighborhood

Bepart Ricordi Domani? AR user experience
Bepart Ricordi Domani? project team
Bepart Ricordi Domani? AR exhibition
Bepart Ricordi Domani? AR artwork
Bepart Ricordi Domani? urban exhibition

The showcases and public spaces of Europa-Novacella district in Bolzano come to life thanks to a series of posters in augmented reality that tell the story of the past, which inspired us to imagine the future. A project carried out with the young people of this neighborhood, so multicultural, who were inspired by the stories of the local elders, making them their own and giving life to a widespread animated urban exhibition.


Community Engagement




Artworks created with the participation of Diana Salomé, Sofia Santini, Irene Cafaggi, Aurora Docci, Fabio Angelillis, Faith Oreolwa Oyekunle, Anna Cerrato, Diletta La Rosa, Luca Gajer, Sabrina Iannucci, Noemi Mora, Paolo Valentinetti, Renata Paoli, Anna Kob, Ava Hansmann, Tabassum Mahmuda, Gabriele Gandolfi, Merceria Fuganti, Irene Chiogna, Giulia Faccia, Maria Teresa Gigli, Andrea Farina, Elia Ruggera, Margareth Donquerque, Pietro Mattera, Leila Hleihil, Niccolò Beretti, Sabrina Iaccono, Joris Jaccarino.

Project curated by the Young Inside social cooperative, with the technical-operational support of Bepart, with the support of the Youth Policies of the Culture Division of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.