Dergano Aveva Sette Teste


An AR animated painting born out of the exploration of the neighborhood and those who live in it

“Dergano Aveva Sette Teste” (Dergano Had Seven Heads) is a process of community creation. The youth of this Milan neighborhood have been the protagonists of territorial explorations, street interviews, artistic representations through painting and technology. Signs, colors, drawings, photographs, video interviews have become the coordinates of the complexity of the neighborhood and draw an artistic map of it that can orient the observer in the intangible local identities for an experience between art and research. Find out more in the video story below.


Community Engagement




“Dergano Aveva sette teste” is a social and artistic project by L’amico Charly Onlus and Bepart who, together with many young people, want to play a role as protagonists and storytellers of the complex, ever-changing “world” of Dergano.

This project was realized thanks to the effort and commitment of:

Boys and girls of the neighborhood and L’amico Charly: Sofia Ada; Adriani; Nurr Afifi; Ayman Aftoui; Arianna; Zeiad Attia; Camila Castro; Valentina Cervelli; Samuele Colombo; Ella; Loqman Fettar; Georgiana Ghobrial; Zakaria Gouda; Marta Gualandri; Maria Gualtieri; Sara Khafagy; Younes Khairati; Omar Mahmoud; Karla Marichal; Omar Moussa; Israa Moustafa; Elena Pontello; Giulia Racchetti; Yassa Said; Gabriela Salituro; Maria Pome Sinche; Abdallah Soliman; Nethul Wickramagie.
Protagonists of the research, interviews and design of the living picture of the neighborhood. As architects, storytellers, and designers, they conducted surveys, interviewed community members, and ultimately collaborated to create the living picture that represents and celebrates the neighborhood.

Educators and facilitators from L’amico Charly: Paolo Bernasconi, Giulia Meloni, Cristina Brioschi, Marco Funaro, Noemi Malinconico.
Group that supervised and accompanied the inquiry process, cultivating relationships in the neighborhood and guiding the children toward a deep and meaningful view of neighborhood connections. They also stimulated engagement through participatory and inclusive activities.

Inhabitants, workers, interviewees and passers-by of the big living picture:
Alberto Aldenghi, Alessandro Alliaudi, Barbara Anibaldi, Federico Attolini, Andrea Baccalini, Nives Bambozzi, Cristina Barcellari, Ilaria Stefania Bartolozzi, Giulio Basile, Barbara Bassi, Simone Berardis, Niccolò Beretti, Paolo Bernasconi, Davide Maurizio Bertolesi, Marta Maria Boccone, Enrica Bonaventura, Beatrice Botta, Paola Brioschi, Cristina Brioschi, Liliana Broussara, Costantino Buongiorno, Emma Cannone, Lorenzo Capitani, Federico Capobianco, Andrea Capobianco, Lorenza Casamassima, Xue Chen, Giada Colombo, Naima Comotti, Sergio Da Sois, Edsel Daight Aguilo, Sara De Domenico, Michele De Sario, Damiano De Sarno, Giulia Del Viscio, Cecilia Di Gaddo, Alberto Maria Dorsi, Tiziana Elli, Marco Falorni, Martina Ferruzzi, Loqman Fettar, Giovanni Franchina, Marco Funaro, Paolo Grechi, Dibo Hassan, Pernille Hernandez, Veronica Iotti, Joris Jaccarino, Alessandro Kühn, Barbara Lonfernini, Federico Mapelli, Giuseppe Dario Marchesi, Mariavittoria Marchi, Guiseppina Margagliotti, Silvia Margutti, Ardit Marku, Ercole Fabio Martina, Rebecca Mazzola, Francesca Melchiorre, Giulia Meloni, Anita Minieri, Maria Miotto, Cristina Moro, Florence Noukpo Vinankpon, Hasan Ovi, Diego Pala, Carlo Palmiero, Pao, Elena Perondi, Federico Pesce, Beatrice Policano, Alessandro Portante D’Alessandro, Matteo Premoli, Silvio Premoli, Francesco Purpura, Rocco Puzziferri, Stefano Puzzo, Muhammad Qasim, Giulia Racchetti, Francesca Rendano, Giulia Roncucci, Marco Rovati, Evaluna Saibene, Ornella Alessandra Sberna, Stephanie Schenck, Nicolas Schiraldi, Maria Ilaria Solari, Cristian Sonda, Martina Squeo, Alessandro Tetta, Maria Rosi Tonelli, Patrizia Varesi, Jacopo Villa, Niccolo Vitali.

In the big neighborhood picture, residents have taken on the role of actors and spokespersons of their own selves and the very essence of the neighborhood in which they live or work. Using symbolic gestures, performances, and participation as extras, each person staged the great living representation of Dergano. The residents have been authentic performers giving voice to the stories, vitality and soul of the neighborhood. Each of them is a central element of the picture, bringing with them the richness of their experiences and the diversity of their voices.
Thanks to their active participation, the neighborhood painting comes to life and is transformed into a
collective celebration of identity and relationships.

Artists, curators, cultural managers, social managers and creatives:
Joris Jaccarino, Alessandro Alliaudi, Niccolò Beretti, Nicolas Schiraldi, Giovanni Franchina, Niccolo Vitali, Xue (Piera) Chen, Elena Ferrara, Beatrice Botta, Jacopo Iaccarino, Alberto Maria Dorsi, Giulia Roncucci, Martina Squeo, Liutong Ye.

Group that facilitated the translation and harmonization between different artistic expressions, in active collaboration with the educators and children of L’amico Charly. Their goal was to facilitate the deep and meaningful vision of connections within the neighborhood, to create a bridge between artistic and educational activities and different forms of expression.

Developers, programmers and technicians:
Jacopo Iaccarino, Vjola Zaka, Gabriele Castaldo, Stefania Solari, Jasper Mori.
Group that created and implemented the Bepart application with scripts and prompts with the goal of making the multimedia experience accessible to all users.

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