Immaginare Genova


The city seen through the eyes of the teenagers who live there

Bepart paste up art street art
Bepart augmented urban exhibition
Bepart augmented paste up art
Bepart augmented paste up artwork
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Bepart paste up art street art certosa Genova
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How do the teenagers see the city in which they live and how do they imagine it in the future? The answers come from the walls, through a collection of large augmented posters, inspired by the theme of sustainability (UN goal n.11 for 2030), created and animated by students from the Certosa and Cornigliano districts. A profound collective reflection, which aims to be an experience for all their fellow citizens and for tourists who visit this splendid and controversial city.


Community Engagement


The artworks were created with the participation of students from the Cornigliano school institute and the A. Gastaldi – G.C. Abba school.

Immaginare Genova is a project curated by BASE Milano, Arci Genova, Bepart, and Associazione La Stanza.  


The project is carried out with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the Civic Call for Culture and Civic Innovation projects.