An application to promote new forms of exploration of the green area in the historical centre of Pavia

An audiovisual guide to explore the wonders of a place where nature, various animal species, monumental sculptures and augmented reality installations coexist.

An itinerary inside the ancient Orti Borromaici of Pavia, the subject of a major redevelopment project, featuring animated works created with stop motion technique by a group of students from the Literature, Art, Music and Performing Arts degree course at the University of Pavia.

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The production of the Horti app and its multimedia contents was carried out by students of the Master’s Degree Course in Writing and Projects for the Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Pavia, assisted by the Officine Creative production workshop (Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Pavia) and accompanied in the conception and realisation processes by Bepart.

Project management: Lorenzo Donghi

Horti Scientific Committee: Alberto Lolli, Clelia Martignoni, Valentina Giacometti

Coordination of participatory processes: Joris Jaccarino, Giovanni Franchina, Alessandro Alliaudi, Elena Ferrara

Route writing and design: Elfhriede Ciarelli, Serena Gerardi, Abeer Hariri, Riccardo Menna, Marianna Parise, Maura Vindigni, Chiara Zoppi

Elaboration and realisation of augmented reality: Elfhriede Ciarelli, Gaia Fontanella, Lorenzo Leccese, Riccardo Menna, Marianna Parise, Martina Pellegrino, Federica Perdoncin, Martina Squeo, Maura Vindigni. Origami supervision: Jacopo Iaccarino. AR content supervision: Alessandro Alliaudi. AR content editing: Allegria Bulgaria.

Audio voices and augmented reality: Leonardo Larini, Serena Gerardi, Riccardo Menna, Martina Pellegrino

Concept and realization of the Horti Game: Marianna Parise, Maura Vindigni

Graphics: Allegria Bulgaria

App development: Gabriele Castaldo