Aumenta i Candelieri


An immersive journey that tells a story that has been repeating itself for more than 500 years

Aumenta i Candelieri is an innovative project that aims to pay homage to the festival, more than 5 centuries old, most heartfelt and identifiable in the city of Sassari, which is celebrated every August 14th: the Discesa dei Candelieri (Descent of Candlesticks), part of the Network of Great Italian Shoulder Machines, included since 2013 in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The project aims to promote and bring to life all year round such an identifiable and important tradition as the ‘Discesa dei Candelieri,’ attracting different audiences, from Sassaresi to visiting tourists, from the youngest to the oldest, in a direct thread between tradition and innovation.

The project’s augmented reality artworks are enclosed within the large triptych, a tribute to the historic tradition that is a symbol of the city of Sassari. Made with the glitch art technique, it depicts the 11 candlesticks in one in its three most significant moments: the vesting, the descent and the breaking of the vow.


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