imaginAR fills the city with art, design, video, sound and words, through augmented reality

Imaginar app
Imaginar app

1. Explore

Browse within the app. Search for the closest exhibition or the one you want to visit.

Imaginar app

2. Download exhibition

Download the experience. Consult the map to choose the work to visit.

Imaginar app

3. Start the experience

Reach the installation site by being guided by the app. Check the map to see if you are heading in the correct direction.

Imaginar app

4. Find the artwork

Once you have reached the place, use your phone’s camera and point it to the floor. Remember to turn on the volume!

Imaginar app

5. Enjoy the show

Immerse yourself in the three-dimensional works and listen to the sound installations associated with the works through headphones.

Imaginar app

6. Pictures

Take a picture of the immersive experience and share it on social media using the hashtag #bepartmovement.

Imaginar app

7. Preview mode

Some works can be enjoyed wherever you are, without necessarily reaching the indicated stage. In the detail of the artwork you will find the “preview” button, click it and frame the floor and touch the viewfinder in the center of the camera.

Tech specs

Tech specs for iPhone:
  • Minimum iOS version required:
  • iPhone 6S minimum.
Tech specs for device Android:
  • Minimum Android version required 7.0 and Google Play Service for AR that unlock the experience realized for Google AR.
Check your Android and discover if it's supported.