Starting from a wall, a wood, a village, a museum, a neighborhood, we build immersive worlds, where to learn and interact

Our projects are based on participatory processes, the emotional charge of art and experimentation with new technologies. Art and augmented reality are tools for creating experiences of urban regeneration, public art, museum route and educational paths.

participation workshop digital artist

We design and develop technologies capable of involving specific targets in cultural and entertainment experiences

We know how to create mobile applications, web apps, immersive experiences with viewers, audiovisual guides, metaverses and site specific installations.

participation digital art animation

We produce complex and quality augmented reality content

We take care of the creation and curation of contents, exhibitions and paths: from research to design, up to production and post-production. Bepart’s activity moves between curatorship and project management, activating and managing participatory co-design processes, listening to the different needs and objectives. Whether they are the result of the involvement of established artists or participatory paths, the contents are treated in detail and with a strong focus on quality and the emotional impact they produce. Each content is the trigger to create a dialogue between art, environment and user.

participation workshop photography

We deal with training and co-design processes

We work with young people, schools, universities, professionals in the creative sector, not-for-profit sector associations and with each one we design unique and unrepeatable paths able to enhance the different skills and expectations.

participation workshop

A great creative community

We collaborate with over 300 established and emerging Italian and international digital artists. We have created a true community with different techniques and a kaleidoscope of styles to give each project a unique and coherent imprint.

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