Bepart - App fills the city with art, design, video, sound and words, through augmented reality

bepart app guided tour
bepart app store download

1. Download the app

The app is available for free on Google Play and Apple Store. Once downloaded, follow the instructions by activating the geolocation and camera access services for proper use.

bepart app guided tour

2. Select an installation

Go to the map and discover the installations in the city. These can be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, animated, video or sound. By clicking on the pins you will open the descriptive cards of each work.

bepart app guided tour

3. Find the marker in the city

Go to the address indicated in the installation sheet chosen, look for the same image shown in the “MARKER TO FRAME” sticker and point the app viewer towards it as if it was a camera. The displayed content may be unstable in poor light conditions.

Or download it, print it out and frame it wherever you are.

bepart app guided tour

4. Have fun

Discover the content: turn up the volume when the work is soundtracked. By changing the angle and distance from the installation, you can enjoy the various points of view. Take photos and share them with the hashtag #bepartmovement.

Tech specs

Tech specs for iPhone:
  • Minimum iOS version required:
  • iPhone 6S minimum.
Tech specs for device Android:
  • Minimum Android version required 7.0 and Google Play Service for AR that unlock the experience realized for Google AR.
Check your Android and discover if it's supported.