BEPART Società Cooperativa Impresa Sociale is a non profit organization that employs augmented reality to fill the city with art, design, videos, sounds and words. Through participatory and training processes Bepart produces and installs digital works in urban spaces, these digital works are available to everyone for free through the use of smart devices. Projects range from urban regeneration to urban prototyping, museum itineraries spread throughout the urban territory, nature trails, animated archeological explorations, etc.

The original business idea dates back to the summer of 2013 when the three founding members decide to join their experiences and intuitions to develop a common project with a high social impact. The organization starts its activity thanks to its participation to "IC Cultural Innovation" by Cariplo Foundation” and later wins many awards like Think for Social by Vodafone Foundation, Tandem Europe by MitOst Foundation, Digital Award 2017 by Regione Lombardia and Meet the Media Guru and Enterprise and Tourism Award 4.0 of Chamber of Commerce and R. Lombardia

Today Bepart employs and develops the best technologies in the field of augmented and virtual reality and boasts many prestigious partnerships in its activity. Furthermore Bepart has conceived and implemented Maua, the Museum of Augmented Urban Art, a model of museum spread on the territory, brought to realization in Palermo, Milan, Turin. Over 300 authors have participated to the realization of the museum that has met a great public appreciation with over 350.000 views.
Here follows a list of some of public and private customers of Bepart:
Milan City Council, Venice City Council, Turin City Council, Revine Lago City Council, PAC-Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan, IED Venice, Mediolanum Forum of Assago, Digital Week Milan 2018, Luigi Bocconi University, BMW, Gilead Sciences Inc., SNCF Voyages, Fabriano City Council, etc.

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