How it all started

BEPART – the Public Imagination Movement is an innovative start up that employs augmented reality to fill the city with art, design, videos, sounds and words, so that everybody can create and install different contents or simply enjoy them in the urban spaces by means of a tablet or a smartphone. Bepart makes it possible to redraw urban sceneries integrating digital contents into real spaces. This means going beyond physical barriers enhancing the conceptual and relational values of a message. This stimulates a dynamic cultural approach to reality. Bepart works on emerging trends in new technologies, media and art. New concepts such as “info sphere”, "prototyping" and “digital environment” are developed, in order to promote a new type of contents, abreast with contemporary fruition.

Installations, contests, upgrading of urban spaces, augmented exhibitions, art challenges are among the possible employments of this new language. The original idea for this enterprise dates back to the summer of 2013 when the three founding members decided to join their experiences and intuitions in a brain storming process to develop a common project with a high social impact. The idea wins "IC Cultural Innovation" by Cariplo Foundation and the company was constituted on July 16, 2014. Today Bepart has developed the best technology in the field of virtual and augmented reality and has numerous collaborations with prestigious partners. Bepart is a scaling project. Its goal is to create connections among cities worldwide so that everybody can enjoy or share their own contents in augmented reality.

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